1. No half day leave is permitted. In case of any family function or other programme, parents are requested not to send the child to the school.
    2. Children are expected to attend school regularly. Under affiliation bye-laws of the Central Board of Secondary Education all students are expected to log in a minimum attendance of 75% of the total working days in the academic session. As such, no leave of absence is granted unless parents/ guardians submit an application well in advance on solid and plausible grounds for absence.
    3. In case of sickness for any period of time, a Medical Certificate must be attached with the leave application.
    4. For absence from the school without duly sanctioned leave, a fine @ Rs.5/- per day is charged.
    5. If an unauthorised absence exceeds a period of 15 days it shall be presumed that the parents are not willing to continue the child to study at GMS 2 and one month notice period required for T.C shall start on the 16th day of such unauthorised absence and charges shall be levied accordingly. If the parents want the child to resume classes it shall be done only with the permission of the school management along with payment of a penalty of Rs. 1500/-